Review: Veggie Burgers at The Cosy Club, Cardiff

Review: Veggie Burgers at The Cosy Club, Cardiff

My search for the best veggie burger is now well underway, with my next offering coming from the Cosy Club in Cardiff city centre.

The Club in Cardiff is one of six establishments in the chain, which is owned by the same company who operate the popular Lounge cafe/bars across the south of the UK (I am a regular customer of Juno Lounge on Welfield Road, Cardiff). Their Cosy Club offering is intended to be a sort of family-friendly speakeasy, with a mishmash of influences from various eras and styles, and huge glass windows looking out over The Hayes. It’s not the kind of place I like to go for drinks in the evening (owing to the dining element – I prefer to stick to just booze on my boozy night’s out), but it’s great for a brunch with the boyfriend or a long lunch with friends.

Unfortunately, it’s the case of same old story when it comes to the The Cosy Club menu. It’s substantial, and very delicious-sounding, but it’s not ethically sourced. That said, there is a pretty great selection of Vegan options, so it’s not too hard to choose some guilt-free grub! I dined on the £7.95 Butternut Squash & Nutmeg Falafel Burger, served with a mini side-salad and skinny skin-on fries (I chose the non-vegan option which also includes Halloumi).

Butternut Squash & Nutmeg Falafel Burger

Butternut Squash & Nutmeg Falafel Burger

The burger had a really interesting, unexpected flavour thanks to the nutmeg, and the use of butternut squash to make the falafel (instead of chickpeas) meant it had a smooth, soft, almost mashed-potatoey texture. Unfortunately, the chipotle salsa that is supposed to top both the vegan and non-vegan versions of the burger was mysteriously absent from mine, and this left the overall bite a little too dry. If you do decide to check out the Cosy Club’s quirky take on casual dining, make sure you actually get the chipotle salsa in your Falafel Burger, or add a dollop of hummus for (a rather expensive) 80p.

Burger Rating:

6.5/10 (would have been 7 with the salsa or hummus)!


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  1. February 13, 2014 / 1:26 pm

    I know what you mean about just drinking in the Cosy Club, I always feel a little uncomfortable and feel as though I should be just waiting for a table to sit down and eat. Having said that they have got a couple of decent beers

    • Hungry City Hippy
      February 16, 2014 / 10:56 pm

      Hey Shaun, thanks for stopping by the blog! After I wrote this post, I actually popped in to the Cosy Club for a Bloody Mary on a Sunday evening and I actually quite liked it – they had board games and stuff out, and there was a nice vibe actually. Maybe I have changed my mind! 🙂

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