London nightclub Mahiki goes ‘Fur Free’

I read something fabulous in the paper this morning: Mahiki, one of London’s most popular nightspots, has declared itself a ‘fur free’ zone.

From now on, guests who arrive wearing fur will be turned away and others will be given badges saying “No Fur” at the door.

MahikiThe popular spot in Mayfair specialises in an amazing range of fruit based, tropical cocktails and is a particular favourite with celebs, bankers, and anyone else who likes to drink £100 treasure chests full of champagne.

Many of Mahiki’s regular customers would have historically considered real fur an acceptable fashion statement, making this a brave and somewhat controversial move for the successful nightspot.

Anti-fur campaigner Meg Mathews launched the initiative in collaboration with PETA, and will apparently train the nightclub’s staff in how to distinguish fur from faux fur, which is still allowed. To launch the initiative, Mahiki are holding a special event tonight, but the ‘no fur’ policy will be in place permanently from now on.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Beyonce.


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