Grab the tupperware – blackberry Season is here!

Blackberry picking, Cardiff

Quick News Flash:

If you currently work / live / or hang out near a green space that happens to be prone to an infestation of brambles, this is the one time of year that you’ll be glad at the sight of the  spiky beggars. 


Thanks to the long, hot summer we’ve been treated to this year, the blackberries have started ripening early in Cardiff, and certain areas of the city are positively bursting with glossy, black fruit. I spent an hour or so in Bute Park this evening and managed to fill two 0.8litre tupperwares (enough to donate some to my mum for a crumble which I’m sure I’ll get a slice of – I definitely know what I’m doing 😉 ) I’m hoping to attempt making jam with the rest of mine, unless anyone has any more exciting ideas?

If you can get your ass to a green space sometime in the next  2-3 weeks, make sure you take a container or two with you and load up – and when you get home, soak them in cold water with a little salt to draw out any nasty bugs before you scoff them down. Enjoy!


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    • August 7, 2014 / 8:07 am

      Hi! Thanks for reading 🙂 At the moment the fattest ones are all along the river, closest to the castle end where there’s no tree cover! The ones in the shady parts further up by Talybont will probably be out in a few weeks 🙂 x

      • August 7, 2014 / 8:21 am

        ooh great, will go and have a look today! thanks for the tip off x

  1. August 23, 2014 / 6:51 am

    we have the thornless variety in our garden 🙂 Easier to pick!

    • September 3, 2014 / 6:34 am

      I didn’t even know there was such a thing! 🙂

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