New indie takeaway ‘Pizza Pronto’ opens in Penarth

Pizza Pronto Penarth

What do you get when you cross two friends, one of whom is an ex-Marine (bit of pub trivia for you there), a lot of beer, and a kebab shop?

Normally the answer would be a very dodgy hangover; but not this time.

This time, the universe gave us Pizza Pronto, a small but perfectly formed new business in Penarth – the welcome result of Simeon and Kev’s beer-fuelled scheming. Their idea was to turn a little unit on Stanwell Road into an artisan Italian street food shack, and boy am I glad that they actually went through with it.

Flat bread pizzas are rustled up right in front of your eyes as you stand and wait in the tiny hut (which must measure no more than the average walk-in wardrobe). All of the classics are featured – think ham & olive, chicken & bacon, pepperoni – but I was pleased to spot the LEON cook book on their bookshelves and delighted to discover that there are some surprises up this entrepreneurial pairs’ sleeve.

A few hours spent testing recipes in the kitchen has added a vegetarian dish to the specials menu; it’s similar to bubble & squeak but made with cabbage and vegetarian parmesan specially shipped over from Italy. Served with a generous portion of their fresh, cooked-to-order dough mixture, this is seriously good, veggie comfort food.

Other highlights include a soup and pasta pot of the day, and warm dough sticks served with little pots of Nutella. These should come with a public health warning because they are seriously addictive.


News of the Pizza Pronto boys’ arrival has spread like wildfire across the local area, and recently they have even added two new members of staff to keep up with demand; all in a site where no take-away had ever really succeeded before. This success can only be down to one thing – the fact that their take on cheap and tasty ‘fast food’ just really comes from the heart.

Whether you’re swinging past on the way home from work, popping in for a quick bite at lunch time or staggering in on the way back from making your own mad plans in the pub, you can’t go far wrong with a bite from Pizza Pronto.


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