Cardiff to become World’s First Sustainable Fish City

Freshly caught Mackerel

Schoolchildren, university students, hospital patients and NHS staff across Cardiff will now be able to choose sustainable fish dishes at meal times, as part of a campaign to make Cardiff the world’s first “Sustainable Fish City”.

Globally, people are eating more fish than they used to, and much of it is being caught by destructive methods which cause damage to fragile ocean eco-systems and populations of other species. As a result, the world is now seriously at risk of losing some species from our seas for ever. In a bid to combat this, three of Cardiff’s top caterers, serving over three million meals per year, have promised to help by pledging to serve only sustainable fish.

The commitments by Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, City of Cardiff Council Education Catering and Cardiff University include removing all endangered species from menus, and promoting fish which has been demonstrated to be sustainable, such as Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified fish and those from the Marine Conservation Society’s ‘fish to eat’ list.

Carl Nichols, Head of WRAP Cymru and Chair of Food Cardiff, the group behind the campaign, said; “We spend nearly £30million on fish every year in Cardiff , and it is vital that this is invested in fisheries that are sustainably managed if we are to continue to enjoy fish for generations to come. We have been overwhelmed with support for our mission to become a Sustainable Fish City; we are a coastal city and people recognise that it’s important to protect our precious marine habitats. ”

It’s great to see 3 big organisations in Cardiff setting an example by committing to using sustainable fish and removing unsustainable options from their menus – I am looking forward to see how many other organisations, restaurants and individuals will follow suit 🙂


Sustainable Fish Cities is a campaign to transform the way fish is bought across towns and cities in the UK. Find out more here:

To find out more about the issue of unsustainable fishing and the impact it is having on the world’s oceans,  check out award-winning 2009 documentary ‘The End of the Line‘.


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