Review: Milgi’s Vegetarian Restaurant, Roath

I’m amazed that there are still people in Cardiff who have never been to Milgi’s in Roath.

If this was a non-veggie restaurant, I genuinely don’t think that would be the case. I know that the whole ‘no meat’ thing puts some people off. That, and the idea that Milgi might be just ‘too hipster’ whatever that means. Well, I’m here to plead their case yet again, as despite the fact that we’ve had loads of exciting new places opening up in Cardiff over the last few months, this is still my favourite place to eat.

The Milgi Yurt

The Milgi Yurt

The restaurant itself is a bit of a multi-purpose space – a DJ booth next to the front door opposite a lounge-y bit full of sofas is followed by a bar area, and finally the ‘formal’ dining space and open kitchen. But that’s not it – further down the little corridor next to the kitchen (after the restrooms) you’ll find the back door, and through it, the Milgi yurt – a big-top tent full of mismatched furniture, cosy cushions and fairy lights. It’s the perfect place to spend an evening with good friends and a bottle of wine.

One of the main reasons why I keep going back to Milgi’s, is because they pride themselves on updating their menu every time the seasons change, as well as creating a different curry dish every week – meaning there is always something I haven’t tried. Couple this with the fact that they’re shortlisted in the Observer Food Monthly Awards practically every year, use organic ingredients in everything from their coffees and cocktails to their curries, and you can see why in my opinion, everyone should have eaten at Milgi’s, at least once!

The other reason I keep finding myself back at Milgi’s door is their damn Instagram feed. Each time I see one of their beautifully shot pictures of the next new dish, I find myself powerless to resist. Click on the images below to read about some of the most recent snaps that have sucked me in, and my verdict.

In short, if you still haven’t been to Milgi’s yet, just what exactly are you waiting for? 🙂


*This post was created in collaboration with Millennium Hotels, who asked me to share details of my favourite place in Cardiff. This post has been used as part of their ‘Blogger’s Guide to the City’, available here.


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