WWF’s Earth Hour 2015: Here’s How You Can Get Involved

WWF’s Earth Hour 2015: Here’s How You Can Get Involved

In just under two week’s time, WWF’s Earth Hour campaign will ask businesses and individuals from across the globe to come together for a unique display of darkness.

The aim of the campaign is to focus the world’s attention on our planet, and the need to protect it. Just last year, The Living Planet Report revealed that wildlife populations worldwide have declined by 52 per cent since 1970 . This is an utterly shocking statistic, and demonstrates that now more than ever we must work to ensure that the next generation can seize the opportunity that we have so far failed to grasp, to build a future where people can live and prosper in harmony with nature.  Taking part in Earth Hour represents a physical, visible declaration of support for this vision.

Hundreds of thousands of people in Wales are expected to switch out the lights for this year’s event which will take place at 8:30pm on Saturday 28th March. Key buildings in Wales (like Castle Coch, pictured above) will also join thousands of iconic landmarks globally in turning out the lights, from The Sydney Harbour Bridge to Times Square in New York.

This time around, there’s a new twist too. WWF Cymru is encouraging people in Wales to celebrate Earth Hour by holding a candlelit dinner. This can be as big or as low key as you like, but to help get the creative juices flowing, they’ve put together some great recipes from celeb chefs like Valentine Warner and Rachel De Thample. They’re also busy recruiting restaurants to join in as well if you don’t fancy taking care of the washing up!

I’ll definitely be holding my own candlelit dinner at my flat – I’m thinking of finally getting around to cooking something from Leon’s Fast Vegetarian – and I’ll be blogging about it afterwards too.

Earth Hour 2015

To get involved and show your support:

  • Sign up to Earth Hour and share the link with your followers and friends on social media using #LightsOutCymru and #EarthHourUK – and see if you can get them to sign up too!
  • If you’re a blogger, photographer or just a prolific tweeter – share your plans with your followers and let them know you’ll be taking part.
  • On the night – celebrate in your own way and share your photos or blog posts with @WWFcymru. They’ll be watching out for them and re-tweeting the best ones throughout the campaign.

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