Hotpod Yoga comes to Cardiff, and we tried it first!

Hotpod Yoga has arrived in Cardiff, and a lucky bunch of my friends and I were among the first people to try it out, free of charge. Here’s the lowdown:

What is it?

In a nutshell, Hotpod Yoga is an accessible, hot vinyasa yoga class held in a beautiful, inflatable, heated studio – nicknamed a ‘pod’. The 20 person, cocoon-like pods can be easily popped-up in any indoor space, and while the heat and the flowing yoga sequences work the body, the meditative environment calms the mind. 


Where is it?

The company was first launched in London in 2013, but it’s proven so successful that they now have locations all over the world. Our class was held in the grand surroundings of The Gate in Roath, which was very cool, but the Cardiff team will be based at Cardiff Central Youth Club and Community Centre from now on.

Who can do it?

I love quirky exercise classes and fun yoga – but for me, best thing about Hotpod Yoga is that the classes are suitable for anyone and everyone: guys and girls, novice first timers, experienced yoga-folk – and even just people who are rubbish at it but want to have a go – like me!

What’s the verdict?

I absolutely loved it! The pod was such a warm and relaxing environment, and you soon start sweating as the moves begin – be sure to bring a towel! It’s also recommended that you arrive 10 mins early so you can go in to the pod and acclimatise to the heat a little.  If you are a little self conscious or lacking in confidence it’s also quite nice to be in soft lighting and not under the harsh strip lights of the gym, plus you’ll probably do better than you would in a normal class as the heat aids your flexibility.
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