BBC Radio Wales: The Secret Life of Welsh Food

It’s funny what can happen when you put your energy in to doing something you genuinely enjoy.

I’ve been blogging for around 3 years now, and though I am never going to set the world on fire, I’m pretty pleased with how it’s turned out. Three years on I still love it; still have comments from people who say they like reading it, and still meet fantastic people through it, some of whom I am now pleased to call my friends. It has opened the doors to lots of opportunities that I wouldn’t have dreamed of – freelance writing gigs, press trips and now – radio!

I spent bonfire night 2015 doing something just a little bit different; drinking milk out of wine glasses in Carolyn Hitt’s kitchen. Carolyn is an award-winning journalist, broadcaster and author, and the co-founder and producer at Parasol Media, a company who produce all sorts of programs for the BBC. Her latest project is a BBC Radio Wales program called ‘The secret life of Welsh food’ and in it, restaurateur Simon Wright (of Wrights Food Emporium) looks at the historical, cultural and contemporary Welsh influences of everyday food.

In the first episode, Simon looks at Welsh milk, exploring the part that the white stuff has played in Welsh life over the years. He shares stories and memories of the ‘milk bars’ of the late 60’s, meets one of Wales’s most successful milk farmers, and for those of us who are none the wiser, explains what exactly ‘The London Milk Train’ was.

Finally, he ‘taste tests’ the differnt kinds of Welsh milk on offer these days – and that’s where I come in. I joined Simon and wine writer Neil Cammies in Carolyn’s kitchen and spent an evening tasting a variety of Welsh milk; including creamy Welsh Gold-Top milk and a more modern invention, filtered Welsh milk. Finally, we tried raw, unpasteurised milk which had come straight from a cow in Caerfai in West Wales that morning.

To find out what we thought – and hear me get the word ‘bitty’ in to a radio program about milk (yes really), you can listen to the whole episode here. The next episode features Carmarthenshire’s Illtud Llyr Dunsford (of Charcutier Ltd) talking about bacon and rumor has it that episode three is about beer – can’t wait!

Simon & Illtud, featured in episode two of 'The Secret Life of Welsh Food'

Simon & Illtud, from episode two of ‘The Secret Life of Welsh Food


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