Review: Fushi organic beauty oils – good enough to eat!


Blogging certainly has its perks, and one of those is getting to hear about companies and products that I might never have discovered on my own (thank you lovely PRs)! It was in this way that I came to learn about Fushi Wellbeing.

Fushi pride themselves on creating herbal remedies, and hair, body and bath care which are 100 per cent natural, ethical and suitable for vegetarians. In fact, over 90% of their products are vegan registered too. I was certainly impressed (if a little overwhelmed) when reading about their credentials; they are an accredited ethical retailer by the Ethical Company Organisation, with many of the products certified organic by the Soil Association and the EU organic certification, too. Phew!

So I guess the million dollar question is – do they do what they say they will?

I was gifted these products for the purposes of an honest review.

For a 2 week period I have been trying out Fushi’s Really Good Cellulite Oil (vegan, 98% organic). This is made from “a potent blend of highly effective, stimulating and circulation-enhancing ingredients” which includes green coffee bean oil, nourishing wheatgerm oil, vitamin E, detoxifying sweet birch and cleansing grapefruit essential oil. As you can imagine, that combination means it smells pretty great! Surprisingly, it is also quickly absorbed – I had worried about feeling greasy after using an oil, but that wasn’t the case at all. It delivers a slight warming sensation upon application which is really nice, and dressing immediately after wasn’t a problem. My skin, which suffers with inflamed hair follicles (which look like little red dots on my legs) was definitely calmer after two weeks, either by the oil itself or the process of massage every day. In short, I really, really loved this product.

Fushi Yangu Oil

Yangu Oil

The second product I tried out was the virgin cold-pressed Yangu Seed Oil (vegan, non organic). Yangu oil is said to offer natural UV protection and boasts a rich content of essential fatty acids which can apparently replenish the skin’s lipid barrier to lock in moisture. I was really keen to get some of this on to my face as I have been experiencing some pretty bad dry skin lately, but unfortunately, the Yangu Seed oil really doesn’t smell that great, which did stop me from wanting to slather it all over my body. My flatmate however, reports that using it as a hair oil on her blonde locks was great for undoing the effects of straightener damage.

For me, the best thing about this oil, is that you can get all of the same antioxidant benefits by eating it. Though this seemed odd to me at first, it makes perfect sense. I already know how much of an impact what we eat has on our bodies, and it actually made me think that I probably need to lay off all of that chemically scented nasty crap that I wouldn’t dream of eating, but rub all over my face regardless. Spurred on by this thought, I used the Yangu oil as a beauty-boosting salad dressing, but you could also mix a small amount of this into a good healthful smoothie.

My first experience of Fushi has been a really positive one. They are a company who really care about their ethical credentials, and importantly, shout them loud and proud, making it easy for consumers to make an informed choice. They use biodegradable and/or recyclable packaging in everything, and support Tree Aid, a UK charity that helps grows trees to alleviate poverty in the poorest regions of rural Africa. All of their organic oils are purchased directly from sustainable suppliers, meaning they can trace each ingredient to it’s origin.

This is beauty done right.


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