Easy, Portable Breakfast Granola Jars

…or hipster breakfast pots as me and my other half like to call them 🙂

I started making these a few months ago after making it my resolution to eat a proper breakfast every day. I used to be guilty of skipping brekkie most days, in favour of an extra 10 minutes in bed – or worse, grabbing sugary biscuits or cakes at the cafe in work – but these little jars are just so simple and quick that I’ve got no excuse any more.

To make your own portable ‘hipster breakfast’, you will need:

  • 1 x small, screw top, glass Kilner jar (the screw top means you can just chuck it in your bag without any risk of spillage).
  • A handful of your favourite berries or chopped fruit (I use frozen berries because they’re cheap to buy in bulk, can sit in the freezer until you need them, and can defrost in the jar overnight).
  • Three dessert spoons of organic unsweetened yoghurt (my personal preference, but you can use any yoghurt you fancy).
  • Two tablespoons of your favourite muesli or granola (I’m loving M&S’s Orange and Berry granola at the moment, for about £2.50 a bag).

The best thing about this breakfast is that it takes two minutes to make but looks really cute – similar ‘breakfast pots’ cost between £2 or£3 each from Pret or EAT, whereas a fiver will buy you enough ingredients to be eating these all week, and then some.

Simply layer up the chopped or frozen fruit with the natural yoghurt and top with granola. If you fancy, you can also experiment with adding other ingredients like a drizzle of honey, dried fruits or some chopped nuts.



    • HungryCityHippy
      March 20, 2017 / 5:05 pm

      Thank you! 😀 x

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