May’s Cardiff Foodie Highlights

May’s Cardiff Foodie Highlights

From huge salads and veggie breakfasts, to meaty lamb burgers and  cauliflower ‘steak’ – this is my second monthly round-up of mini-reviews, covering the best of where and what I’ve been scoffing over the last few weeks.

Where possible, I have again tried to link off to any other relevant, full length reviews (from me, or sometimes some of my other blogger friends) so you can read up in a bit more depth about each place if you want to…

1. A different kind of ‘steak’ at Oscars of Cowbridge

AMAZEBALLS roasted #cauliflower with sweet potato fries, roasted tomatoes and asparagus at @oscarscowbridge 😍 #veggie #lunch

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After more than a decade in business, popular Vale of Glamorgan hotspot Oscars of Cowbridge has been given a bold new makeover. The menu genuinely includes something for everyone – and you can read my full review here.

2. The three new recipes in my repertoire thanks to Gousto 

Home delivery recipe company Gousto promise to “take the planning and trekking out of home cooking, leaving youwith the fun bit”. Having given them a run for their money earlier in the month, I can confirm that it’s true! Loved them. Read my full review here.

A tower of finger food at Barker Tea House

Afternoon #tea treats at @barkerteahouse in #Cardiff 🍵🍰🍓 £17.50pp.

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We visited Barker Tea House for their £17.50 Afternoon Tea to celebrate a birthday. The food was delicious, although they did try to rush us out more quickly than we originally planned. Cardiff Girl Blog has written a great – and far more – extensive review that you can check out here.

3. Guilt-free fry ups and sausage sarnies thanks to Fry’s Vegetarian Foods

I rarely eat sausages, owing to the fact that I try not to eat too much meat, especially processed meat, and they are fattening to boot. Since discovering Fry’s Vegetarian Sausages, Saturday mornings have become a toss up between a big veggie fry-up or a sauce-smothered sausage sarnie. At 58 calories per banger, who could say no!?

4. Cardiff’s best lamb burger at Burger & Lobster

When they opened in Cardiff 18 months ago, Burger & Lobster were full of confidence in their limited menu and pricing strategy, boasting that they *only* do 2 things, at *only* one price – that being £20 for burger or lobster (both with chips).  A little further down the line and the B&L crew have realised that what consumers want is choice, so they’ve had a bit of a rethink.

Now, the menu includes a variety of well-priced sides (like Lobster Mac ‘n’ Cheese, at £5) and smaller mains (like the California Lobster Rolls with Avocado, at £15), which even out the pricing and stop it feeling like a restaurant that sells underpriced lobsters and overpriced burgers.

I have never liked the fact that B&L’s meat & shellfish is flown in from overseas and travels so many air miles to reach us, so for me, the highlight of the new menu is definitely the locally-sourced Welsh Lamb Burger served with tomato relish, lettuce, pickles, tomato and chimmichurri, at £9) – probably the tastiest lamb burger I’ve ever eaten.

5. A melt-in-the-mouth fillet of beef at Wolfscastle Country Hotel, Pembrokeshire

Beautiful #wedding meal of fillet of #beef with dauphinois potatoes at @wolfscastlecountryhotel 👌#wales

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I was lucky enough to be invited to a beautiful wedding at Wolfscastle Country Hotel in Pembrokeshire. We were even luckier with the incredible weather we ended up having, but luckiest of all (for me) was the fact that the bride and groom decided to make the wedding meal into a 6-course extravaganza lasting several hours! The highlight was definitely the unbelievably tender beef fillet which was served for the main course; and, the full cooked breakfast which came complimentary with our room the next day.

6. Freshly caught Mackerel from St David’s in West Wales

Dinner time! #bbq #mackerel #freshlycaught

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Another treat from my weekend in West Wales, a pair of freshly caught Mackerel – gutted, transported back to Cardiff and slapped straight on to the BBQ at my mum’s house. You can read more about my kayaking and fishing escapades in Pembrokeshire in this old blog post.

7. An anything-but-boring salad from Kemi’s Pontcanna

It took me ages to get around to trying Kemis and as so often happens, I am kicking myself for taking so long. So many lovely fresh and interesting salads on offer, a cosy, friendly atmosphere, and of course, those massive veggie onion bhaji scotch eggs (£4 each). I have definitely found my new favourite hangover spot (yes, I am a freak who craves salad after a night on the loopy juice).

This spot also plays regular host to another of my favourite Cardiff foodie finds, the Herbivore pop-up supper club. (I blogged about Herbivore’s recent event at the Embassy Cafe here, but they are back at Kemis at the end of June).


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