Introducing the Vegan Kind ‘Beauty Box’

Vegan bunny

The Vegan Kind is the UK’s first monthly lifestyle subscription box for vegans (well, and anyone else who is interested in vegan products). Every month,  for a fee of £12.95, they send subscribers a selection of home, beauty, food (and other) products, which are all certified vegan and completely cruelty-free.

This month, they have put together their first ever beauty-only box, an offering to rival companies like Glossybox who have been offering monthly beauty deliveries for a while now. It’s great to see this vegan-only offering on the market, and I’m hoping that it’s the start of something big for The Vegan Kind and that they expand to offer these on a regular basis. I for one would love to learn more about the variety of cruelty-free products in the market, and this seems like the perfect way to do it.

“But I’m not a subscriber!” I hear you cry.

Don’t worry if you’re not a subscriber of The Vegan Kind,  you can get your hands on the exclusive Beauty Box from their online shop, for a fee of £15 + pp (£17.95 in total).

Click here to read a rave review and detailed look at the products included in the box, from beauty blogger In My Humble Opinion. Can’t wait to get mine in the post!


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