July’s Cardiff Foodie Highlights

July’s Cardiff Foodie Highlights

From grilled octopus to buttered lobster, vegan pizza  and a bad-ass brunch – this is my fourth monthly collection of mini-reviews of the best dishes I’ve scoffed over the last few weeks.  

As usual, I have again tried to link off to any other relevant, full length reviews so you can read up in a bit more depth about each place if you want to!

1 .Sensational seafood in Lisbon

I went on the hen-do of dreams back at the beginning of the month, spending 4 days eating and drinking the best food in the 35 degree heat of lovely Lisbon. This was my favourite dish from the weekend – fresh octopus on sweet potato mash from Darwin’s Café near the Belem Tower. Read the full blog post here.

  1. Lovely lobster at the Cardiff Food & Drink Festival

In keeping with the summery seafood theme, as soon as spotted Café Mor at the Cardiff Food & Drink Festival, I knew I had to have something from their award-winning stall. Sitting in the steps of the Senedd eating half a Pembrokeshire lobster dressed in seaweed butter and served with hot, fresh chips – is there any better activity for a Saturday afternoon in Cardiff? 🙂

  1. Delicious vegan pizza from Dusty Knuckle

If you keep up with your foodie news, you’ll know that Dusty Knuckle recently moved out of the backyard of Canton’s Crafty Devil bottle shop, and into their new home in the courtyard at The Printhaus. It’s a great location – it looks wonderful, but for me, nothing could steal my attention away from what I was eating, namely, the most delicious vegan pizza. You might think a pizza without cheese or meat sounds rubbish, but I cannot tell you how delicious their tomato, peach, burnt chicory, pine nut and marjoram gremolata pizza is – you’ve got to order it and try it for yourself!

  1. The Chelsea Bun of dreams from Pettigrew Bakeries

Saturday is my favourite day 😜 #caloriesdontcount #canton

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I love Pettigrew (both the tearoom in town and the still relatively bakery opposite Vicky Park). I love the attention to detail, the commitment to quality, and I love David, the founder, ‘cause he’s lovely. Last month I also found out that I love the bakery’s big, fat, sugar-dusted Chelsea buns – the perfect partner for their hot fresh coffee (served in biodegradable cups). So happy to be buying a house around the corner from these guys!

  1. An enormous mezze platter from Falafel Kitchen

We’ve been trying to eat at this place for a while as they seemed to always be closed when we passed – but finally, we did it and boy was it worth the wait. This giant mezze platter also came with a huge basket of chips and strips of hot, freshly baked pitta bread! So good, and they boxed up the leftovers for us, too. Turns out, they close early on Monday and Tuesday’s, but the rest of the week you should be okay!

  1. A bad-ass brunch from Society Standard

Unless you live under a rock, you’ll have heard about Society Standard, the cool new bar & kitchen which has recently opened on Whitchurch Road. The food menu is HUGE and they have tried really hard to work with local suppliers to create a lot of it. Look out for baked goods from The Early Bird and Pettigrew, meats from Douglas Willis, and loads of local beers at the bar.

  1. Jazzy gin at my beautiful friend Cat’s wedding

My kind of #wedding! 👌

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Now isn’t this a great idea? At a gorgeous wedding in the equally gorgeous South Downs, my clever friend Cat had provided this gin-pimping station for guests to play around with during the champagne reception. Totally stealing that idea for when me and Leo (DiCaprio) get hitched.*

*Sorry, Pete.


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  1. August 10, 2016 / 6:39 pm

    Definitely noting some places I have to visit soon! Love your blog and the ethos you’re promoting.

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