August’s Cardiff Foodie Highlights

August’s Cardiff Foodie Highlights

From sensational street food to cauliflower curry – here’s my very late monthly ‘best of’ – a collection of mini-reviews of the best things I ate in August. As you can tell, it was a bit of a frugal month as I was busy saving up for my big holiday in Borneo!

1Quesadillas from Slow Pig at Street Food Circus 

I love Slow Pig. They breed and raise their own free-range little porkers in Pembrokeshire, and then they use the meat to create all kinds of tasty treats and serve them up from their vintage citroen van. These £5 quesadillas were part of the ‘grazing’ menu at the Street Food Circus and they were gooey, messy and very filling! The £1.50 ‘pig sticks’ (think posh, chunky Pepperami) were a big hit with Pete, too – he ate 3!

2. Three courses of veggie deliciousness from Milgi 

Another hit from this year’s Street Food Circus was the introduction of a new ‘Feast Club’ – a ticketed event in which guests enjoy a three course meal served in their beautiful stretch-tent, with a different street-food vendor or chef taking the helm each week. The veggie feast from Milgi included this uber-tasty galette, and a raw vegan ‘cheesecake’ which I have got to find out how to make – if it’s vegan it’s healthy, right? 😉

3. So much Sashimi from Ichiban

All of the #sashimi to celebrate @peteg1987's 29th birthday tomorrow! #🍣 #ichiban #cardiff #foodblogger #japanese #sushi

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If I had to eat one type of food for the rest of my life, it would be Sushi. I bloody love it. We stuffed our faces on sashimi and noodles at Ichiban on Cowbridge Road to celebrate Pete’s 29th birthday – it’s not a fancy place at all, but what it lacks in gloss it makes up for in substance, trust me!

4. Banging Bombay chicken and cauli curry (courtesy of Pete & Jamie)

This was a recipe from Jamie Oliver’s successful Everyday Superfoods cookbook – you can also view a copy of the recipe here. Pete cooked this for dinner on a Friday night and it was the perfect accompaniment to a night on the sofa with a couple of beers. If you have a go yourself, go easy on the lemon – we used a really big one and it was a little bit too citrus-y for my liking and could do with toning down next time, but delicious nonetheless.

5. Award-winning chicken from Lola’s Wings

Another street food favourite of mine, Lola’s Wings was created to bring authentic New York style chicken wings to the UK street food scene. Started by Lauren, a native New Yorker and Si, from Devon, their wings are all local, free range, organic and award winning – and they taste filthy good!


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