Four of London’s Best Free Range Fried Chicken Shops

london fried chicken

In my younger years, before I started reading about the general cruelty and nastiness involved in intensively reared meat, before thinking about food in such a way had even crossed my mind, I was extremely partial to a box of fried chicken and chips. It was my go-to drunk food. So crispy! So salty! So naughty!

These days, you might think that my love affair with fried chicken must be over. Most takeaway joints wouldn’t dream of sourcing free range or organic chickens for their buckets of grease, after all.

Thankfully, in wonderful London, you can find just about anything. So here’s my round up of eateries in the capital where the only cruel part of the food is the amount of squats you’ll have to pull to burn off the delicious calories…

1. Clutch

All of the chicken here is 100% free range and from rare breeds, and cooked in finest grade groundnut oil. The interior is modern but comfy and dimly lit, and the brunch menu is amazing – the veggie ‘Clutch it Up’ comes with chilli scrambled eggs, halloumi, roast tomato and guacamole.

Oh, and the soundtrack is strictly R’nB. Winner!

2. Bird

With four branches across London, BIRD promises “free range fried chicken, the way it’s meant to be” – which for them means smothered in buffalo blue cheese or Nashville hot sauce and accompanied by a fat stack of fries with chicken fat gravy.

Oh, and there are lots of hot, fresh donuts too. Need I say more?

3. Chicken Town

Chicken Town breaks the mould that has been carved out by thousands of other fast food outlets across the country, by serving high quality, free range chicken meals at the same price as the inferior alternatives. The project is the culmination two years of research on the causes of obesity on young people in London; Tottenham has some of the highest childhood obesity rates in the UK, with over 40% of 11-year-olds classified as obese.

By providing better versions of the most popular form of fast food in the area, Chicken Town aims to improve kids diets by introducing attractive, tasty – yet healthier – alternatives. It’s the future of fast food – I hope!

4. Hook

Posh fish ‘n’ chips and gourmet dipping sauces are the order of the day at Hook, a simple trendy space with communal tables and a hip hop playlist.

Their free range fried chicken strips in cajun panko breadcrumbs are fab, as is the fact that they sell bottles of beer from Welsh brewery Otley too!


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