Help Crafty Devil Brewery get #CannedInCardiff

Help Crafty Devil Brewery get #CannedInCardiff

If you haven’t already heard about Crafty Devil’s crowdfunding campaign, now is the time to get on board -they only have a few weeks left!

Canton-based brewery Crafty Devil firmly believes that canning is the way forward for craft beer.  Their reasoning is simple; cans don’t let light in, and light is destructive to the organic compound in beer. As far as Crafty Devil’s founders Rhys and Adam are concerned, from the moment one of their beers leaves the brewery in a bottle, the taste is being ever-so-slightly compromised.

With this in mind, the Crafty Devil boys started putting their beer in to aluminium instead of glass – shipping it off to north Wales in trucks and then getting it sent back to them in cans. But they realised that something was happening to the beer in transit and that when their beer came back, it wasn’t tasting quite right.

Now, the Crafty Devil boys want to buy their own canning line so that they can package all of their own beer themselves without having to send it away to a site in north Wales. This will help them maintain quality control over their beers, as well as keeping it as fresh and tasty as possible. It would also give them a chance to make more one-off brews for can, expand their business quickly and essentially, reach more customers.

I’m a big fan of Crafty Devil’s plans because it turns out that canned beer is also more eco friendly than beer in glass bottles. Canned beer weighs less; less packaging means moving the same amount of product can be done in fewer trips – and that’s before you even consider the reduced carbon footprint as a result of scrapping those return trips to north Wales.

Plus you can fit loads more of them in a backpack for those summer trips to the beach (or winter trips to your mates house – whatever)!

If you’d like to support Crafty Devil and help them get #CannedinCardiff, you can donate to their INDEGOGO crowdfunding campaign by clicking here.

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