Recipe: Easy, Organic Breakfast Granola Jars

Granola breakfast jars

The best thing about this organic breakfast (I can hardly call it a recipe really) is that it takes two minutes to make and will save you a fortune if you’re in the habit of picking up similar ‘breakfast pots’ from Pret or EAT, which often cost up to £3 each. Around a fiver will buy you enough ingredients to be eating these homemade versions all week.

I started making these a few years ago after making it my new year resolution to eat a proper breakfast every day. I used to be guilty of skipping brekkie most days in favour of an extra 10 minutes in bed – or worse, grabbing sugary biscuits or cakes in a cafe before work – but these little jars are just so simple and quick that I’ve got no excuse any more.

Granola pots

To make your own portable, organic ‘hipster breakfast’ as they are so lovingly nicknamed in my house, you will need:

  • 1 x small, screw top, glass Kilner jar (the screw top means you can just chuck it in your bag without any risk of spillage).
  • A handful of your favourite berries or chopped fruit (I use frozen berries most of the time because they’re cheap to buy in bulk, and can sit in the freezer until you need them – they also defrost in the jar overnight).
  • Three dessert spoons of organic unsweetened yoghurt (my go-to is usually Rachel’s full fat Greek style).
  • Two tablespoons of mixed organic oats, nuts and seeds, or your favourite pre-mixed muesli or granola (I like Sainsbury’s SO Organic Granola with honey).

Simply layer up the chopped or frozen fruit with the natural yoghurt and top with granola. Pop them in the fridge and they’re ready and waiting whenever you need them. If you fancy, you can also experiment with adding other ingredients like a drizzle of honey or maple syrup, adding dried fruits and using different flavoured youghurts.

Why organic?

I use organic ingredients in my breakfast jars, because I believe that organic farming is the kindest, most environmentally sensitive method of food production. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that organic farming benefits biodiversity, and an in-depth report from Compassion in World Farming concluded that looking for The Soil Association label (the UK’s leading food and farming charity and organic certification body) can help consumers pick out products with significant animal welfare benefits. You can read more about food labeling and animal welfare here.

On 14th June 2017, independent retailers all over the UK will be dishing up free organic mini breakfasts as part of a collection of #WakeUpToOrganic events. The aim is to show how easy it is to switch to an organic breakfast, and to showcase the fabulous range of organic food and drink that local independent stores and cafés offer. Sadly there are no retailers from Cardiff taking part, but plenty in other areas of the country – a list of which you can find here:

If you’re based in Cardiff and fancy getting involved with #WakeUpToOrganic but my breakfast jars don’t float your boat, you could try out one of these delicious-sounding organic recipes instead:



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