Cardiff hair salon joins national sustainability campaign

Cardiff hair salon joins national sustainability campaign

A Cardiff hair salon has joined a national campaign to make the hairdressing industry more eco-friendly and sustainable. 

Bauhaus hair salon has just been awarded ‘sustainable salon status’ as part of a UK government-funded scheme to increase green practices in the hairdressing industry.

The Ecohair Project is run by the University of Southampton, who introduced the ‘sustainable stylist certificate’ last year. Bauhaus is the first salon in Wales to gain the new sustainable rating, meaning the majority of its stylists hold certificates in sustainability.

The flagship Bauhaus salon – based on the Friary in Cardiff – was designed around a no-waste, minimalist concept as part of a £60,000 refurbishment. Both city-centre Bauhaus salons also use biodegradable, one-use towels which cut down on the need for machine washing, and all light fittings use low energy light bulbs.

“It’s really important that the whole team is on board with what we’re trying to do,” said Scott Miller, Bauhaus owner. “We encourage staff to live more sustainable lifestyles so we don’t waste water, we don’t have plastic cutlery or cups in the staff room. Everyone’s of course encouraged to recycle in their personal lives just as we do at the salon.”

Cardiff sustainable salon certficate

Dr Denise Baden – Associate Professor at the University of Southampton Business School- attended Bauhaus salon in Cardiff to award them with their sustainability certificate. I managed to grab two minutes with her, and she explained why hairdressing was such a key industry for spreading the sustainability message:

Hairdressers are a caring profession and many are keen to show that the profession can be part of the solution to the challenges of sustainable development and water shortages – not part of the problem. Hairdressers are also in a unique position, as the message they give to their clients about ‘greener’ behaviour has the potential to make the world of difference.”

5 tips for saving water & energy on hair-care at home:

  1. Turn the water temperature down: washing your hair at lower temperatures uses less energy than using piping hot water, even if you use the same amount.
  2. Rinse only once: switch to a cleansing shampoo that removes residue without the need for rinsing multiple times.
  3. Try leave-in conditioner: this will cut down on the amount of water you use overall.
  4. Wash hair less often: use dry shampoo in-between washes to keep your style fresh.
  5. Towel or air-dry your hair: instead of using a hairdryer, try letting your hair dry naturally as often as you can. Experiment with styles that embrace your natural hair type – be that wavy, curly or poker straight!

It’s fab to see another Cardiff salon embracing sustainability and eco-friendly practices, and if you like the sound of Bauhaus, you’ll absolutely love the green and gorgeous Amaryllis Salon in Canton – be sure to check them out, too.

Vive la green revolution! 🙂



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