The eco-friendly way to refurbish your kitchen

eco friendly kitchen

It’s commonly known that buying second-hand clothing can be a great way of cutting costs whilst also  being more sustainable and eco-friendly – but have you ever considered buying a second hand kitchen?

Quite often, kitchens are removed from a property because they are not to the owner’s taste, or to make room for a home extension. As a result, many great-quality kitchens – with decades more use in them – are sent to landfill simply because they’re not to a person’s liking.

It makes sense then, that re-selling a kitchen or buying a used one, could be a much more ethical choice.

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The Used Kitchen Exchange

The Used Kitchen Exchange is a family-run, multi-award-winning sustainable business based in Cheshire. They specialise in the re-selling of second-hand, used, and ex-display kitchens, working with some of the UK’s best showrooms to sell beautiful kitchens at a fraction of the original price.

The business was founded by Helen Lord and her husband. Helen had recently bought a house to renovate, had a strict budget for the kitchen. She found a second-hand, designer kitchen online for around £5,000, and even though it had too many units and the layout wasn’t quite right for the space, she had an idea of how it could look – so went ahead and purchased it. Her vision and flexibility paid off, as she later found the receipt for the original kitchen, priced at almost £100,000! It was then that Helen decided to help other homeowners find similar bargains, and the idea for the Used Kitchen Exchange was born.

Can an eco friendly kitchen really make a difference?

The numbers certainly stack up. The Used Kitchen Exchange has now sold over 1,000 kitchens to new homes, reaching this landmark milestone last year. This means that in total, the company has saved the equivalent space of 10 football pitches from going to landfill – and over 1.4m tons.

Get an eco friendly kitchen for your home

The Used Kitchen Exchange’s website has a user-friendly interface which means you can easily browse kitchens, filtering them by brand or style if there’s something particular that you want. You can arrange to view the kitchen before you buy, and then put in an offer that suits your budget. If your offer is accepted, the kitchen will then be professionally removed from the original location and you can choose to have it delivered or stored (for a fee), or collect it yourself. Simples!

What do you think about second-hand kitchens? Would you choose one for your home?


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