Hank! Episode 2: Dusty Knuckle’s Slow Food Trip to Naples

Dusty Knuckle Slow Food

After many a frustrating hour trying to get to grips with Garage Band (editing is not my strong point), Matt and I have finally managed to edit and publish episode two of Hank! – our podcast for food and drink lovers in Cardiff. 

In this episode we talk to Phill Lewis of Dusty Knuckle restaurant in Canton. Last February, Phill left Cardiff with nothing but a sack of flour, a case of tomatoes, and a box of cheese, and traded his way to Naples, using only pizza as currency. Back in January 2017 I wrote about his plans for the trip right here on the blog – you can refresh your memory by clicking here.

The trip was designed to raise funds and awareness for Slow Food International; a global grassroots movement which actively campaigns for better food systems for all. In Wales, the organization focuses on local educational projects to help individuals and communities make informed choices about their food and its production.

Click the link below* to hear Phill talking about the Pizza Police, the Agro-Mafia and the time he got bundled into a car by a man he couldn’t understand who also happened to be wielding a machete…

Listen to “Episode 2 – Dusty Knuckle's Slow Food Pilgrimage” on Spreaker.

*You can also search for the podcast on the apple podcast app using “Hank Cardiff”.

We hope you enjoy it! If you want to give us feedback you can tweet me at @hungrycityhippy, tweet Matt at @Mattappleby, or leave your feedback for us in the comments below.


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