A new, fine-dining veggie supper club is coming to Cardiff next month

From the ashes of Pontcanna’s beloved restaurant Arbennig comes DIRT; a new, 100% vegetarian pop-up supper club which kicks off with the first event in Cardiff next month.

Using locally grown, sustainable ingredients from independent growers, DIRT supper clubs will challenge clichéd assumptions about vegetarian food being bland; proving instead that it can be deeply delicious and perfect for fine-dining. 

The chef behind the concept is John Cook, former head chef and owner at the successful Arbennig restaurant (where he worked for almost five years).  Now that the restaurant has been sold, John wants his next venture to focus entirely on vegetarian cuisine, something he has recently discovered a real passion for.

This is John’s full six-course menu for the first few DIRT events:

DIRT menu

I can’t wait to see what the ‘Dirt Carrot’ is turns out to be…! 🤔

Get tickets

The first two DIRT pop-up events will be held at Llaeth & Siwgr in Cardiff city centre on the 21stJuly, and Cobbles Kitchen in Ogmore on the 26thJuly.

Tickets cost £40 per head, and matching wine flights and other drinks will be available to purchase on the night.

To book tickets for Cardiff click here, and for Ogmore, click here.

Stay updated on future DIRT events and find out where & when the next dates will be, by following @DIRTpopup on Twitter and  Instagram. Alternatively, visit www.dirtpopup.co.uk to sign up to the DIRT newsletter. 


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