Restaurant gift vouchers: the perfect low-impact Christmas gift

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It’s a sad fact that beneath all of the sparkle, Christmas can be an exceptionally wasteful time of year.

From the hundreds of miles of wrapping paper discarded after Christmas morning, to the thousands of throwaway stocking fillers wrapped in single-use plastic, the waste created during the season of goodwill is enough to make anyone wince.

But there is an easy way for food & drink lovers to skip the eco-guilt that comes with splurging on unnecessary tat, whilst also helping to support local food and drink producers, takeaways and restauranteurs.

And post Covid, it’s a gesture that could mean more to our local indies than ever before.

Buying gift vouchers from a local independent restaurant, takeaway or producer is an easy way to give a Christmas gift that feels good but also does good, too. And that’s because:

They can help to keep indie food businesses going during the hardest months

The last couple of years have been horrendous for hospitality. And just around the corner, are those cold, dark, skint months at the beginning of the year; when usually, Netflix subscriptions soar, no one’s spending money, everyone’s doing Dry January, and everyone’s on a ‘new year, new me’ diet. A few December gift voucher sales could help our restaurants to keep the wolf from the door until Spring.

They’re inherently low-waste

Most indies use e-vouchers or paper gift certificates – very few have switched over to the more sophisticated plastic swipe cards favoured by the big chains. Pop a paper gift voucher for your favourite indie inside a home-made xmas card or even a plain envelope and you have a plastic-free present that can be recycled after use, too.

They give the receiver something to look forward to

The January slump is hard to bear but getting a restaurant gift voucher for xmas means having something nice to look forward to for when all of the festive fun has passed.

My favourite indie food & drink gift vouchers for Christmas

Though definitely not an exhaustive list, here are just a few of my favourite options to get you started:

Fancy something a bit more hands-on?

Cookery classes, tastings and foodie masterclasses also make for great xmas gifts, and plenty of local restaurants, chefs and producers have come up with their own curated experiences for the average Joe or Jane to enjoy.

From bread making to cake decorating, to patisserie classes, gin distilling and brewing beer, the list is almost endless – and ‘experience gifts’ are proving popular with people who would rather make new memories with friends and family than collect yet more stuff. You may have to wait until later in 2021 to redeem them, but it will be worth the wait.

Alternatively, many clever businesses have taken their masterclasses online – I recently did a one-day french baking class (via zoom) with the One Mile Bakery and look what I made!

You can browse a whole range of experience gifts in Wales at

One Mile Bakery

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