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Last year, I blogged about a new online marketplace for Welsh food and drink called Discover Delicious – a one-stop shop for local, artisan and alternative food and drink from Wales. Launched in April 2018, the marketplace is currently home to over 70 producers collectively offering more than 1,300 deliciously different food and drink products from Wales, with plans to upload more than 600 new products in the coming weeks.

But aside from taking the hard work out of finding new products from well-known and up-and-coming artisan producers alike, DiscoverDelicious.Wales  also offers an opportunity to be a conscious consumer: bringing ethical values back into food shopping through a fairer pricing structure, supporting small, prioritising provenance and connecting with the people, places and processes behind the food they eat.

And there are plenty of reasons why it is worth keeping Discover Delicious in mind – and looking for Welsh food and drink in particular – when shopping for Christmas food and drink this year; be that the trimmings for the table, or gifts for under the tree. Here are three of the best…

This is a sponsored post, in collaboration with DiscoverDelicious.Wales.

  1. Buying Welsh supports Welsh entrepreneurs

What’s that saying? Every time you buy from an independent business, an actual person does a happy dance. Yes, it sounds cheesy – but it’s true. Small Welsh food and drink businesses are owned by local entrepreneurs, and with Brexit looming, simply choosing to spend money with them this Christmas could make a big difference to whether make it through 2020 and beyond.

  1. It provides a boost the Welsh economy

Research suggests that for every £1 spent with a small or medium-sized business, 63p will stay in the local economy; this figure drops to 40p when compared to every £1 spent with a larger business. Thriving local businesses – like those showcased on the Discover Delicious website – provide local employment opportunities, creating a ripple effect that has a positive impact on the whole community.

  1. Buying Welsh is more sustainable

Buying food and drink that has been flown halfway around the world carries with it a heavy carbon footprint. In contrast, when you buy from producers – from butchers and bakers, to chocolatiers and cheesemakers – it’s far more likely that their ingredients have had a shorter field-to-fork journey.

To browse the range of Welsh food and drink available from independent producers throughout Wales, visit

In need of some inspiration? Here are a few of my favourites bits and pieces from the DiscoverDelicious site:
  1. Halen Mon’s Salted Caramel Spread: I am hooked on this stuff. It’s amazing spread thickly onto warm crumpets so that it melts into the little holes, but equally good stirred into a hot chocolate for a sweet and salty, decadent treat. That’s what I’ll be drinking on Christmas eve – whilst I finish off peeling the Christmas dinner veg.
  2. Coaltown Coffee’s Origin Tasting Box: From the town of Ammanford in South Wales, a former coal mining community, Coaltown are creating a new ‘Black Gold’ at their craft coffee roastery. They focus on sustainable and transparent trade with small farms from across the coffee growing regions of the world, and aim to uphold quality at every stage of our production. And their coffee tastes amazing.
  3. Hallets Cider food pairing & tasting experience: This ‘experience’ – which is available exclusively on the Discover Delicious website – takes people to the home of Hallets Cider, where you’ll get to meet the Hallett family and try their award winning cider. Whilst spending a few hours on the farm and taking in the fresh air at 1000ft above sea level, you also get to hear the story behind this family business directly from the founders. You’ll also tour the cider making facilities, enjoy a tasting flight with 5 different Hallets Ciders – each be served with food carefully selected to compliment the cider.

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