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If you are passionate about local food, supporting small businesses, protecting the environment and seeing your local community thrive – Food Cardiff needs YOU to help them create a new food strategy for the city.

The Sustainable Places Research Institute, Cardiff University and Food Cardiff recently launched a new report, collectively imagining a brighter food future for the city. Their report captured the views of 70 people who joined a recent, online ‘people’s assembly’ to share their thoughts on the way we all grow, produce, buy and consume food.

As you can see from the film below (in which I sport my most 80’s inspired look), I was one of the folks who got involved – special thanks to Mud & Thunder for asking me to take part and for sharing some of their pics with me for this blog post.

Healthy – Sustainable – Thriving – Empowering – Connected

Findings from the online event have since been used to form the basis of a Draft Good Food Strategy, which includes five overarching goals for the kind of city Cardiff could become…

  • A healthy city: Ensuring everyone has access to and can afford nourishing and healthy food.
  • An environmentally sustainable city: Ensuring the way food is produced, bought and consumed will benefit nature, tackle climate change and prevent food waste.
  • A thriving local food economy: Ensuring that healthy, sustainable and resilient food businesses are at the heart of our local economy, and that people working in this sector can earn a decent living.
  • An empowering food city: Seeing communities working together to shape their local food system, and for people to have opportunities to learn and develop skills in growing, cooking and nutrition.
  • A connected food system: Seeing food-related issues and solutions included across all local policies and to see people work together to ensure action is joined up.

Full details on how these goals could be reached are included in the Draft Good Food Strategy, which you can read in full by clicking here.

What’s Next?

For the next stage, individuals and organisations are invited to feed into the final strategy by filling in a short questionnaire. This consultation period will stay open until 17th March 2021 – you can take part using the links below:

If you are passionate about local food, supporting small businesses, protecting the environment and seeing your local community thrive, I would strongly encourage you to complete the Q&A; your contribution will help Food Cardiff to create a strategy that is fit for all, and to monitor progress and impact over the next three years.

For more information, please visit:


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