Free nature training available for Welsh community groups

Free nature training

Up to 150 free online training places are being made available for community groups in Wales who’d like to protect and restore nature.

Nabod Natur – Nature Wise is a programme which teaches how the natural environment works, the threats it faces, and how we can all help nature to thrive.

The organisers, Cynnal Cymru-Sustain Wales, are especially keen to target people who aren’t currently doing environmental work – such as faith groups or those working in the arts or social projects.

During the free nature training, participants will learn:

  • How ecosystems and species function, and the relationships between them
  • About the essential role nature plays in providing us with services and materials
  • How the natural world is changing and the threats it faces, what protections are in place, and how you can use these to influence decision-makers
  • What you can do to protect and restore nature – either on your own or as part of a group
  • How to motivate and inspire others to act

Upon successfully completing the course, participants will be awarded a certificate, and follow-up contact, tp help them maintain progress and share ideas to inspire others.

The courses will run online monthly from October 2021, with a total online time commitment of 5-6 hours.

Paol Stuart-Thomson from the mental health charity Springfield Mind took part in the Nature Wise scheme earlier this year.

He said: “Since doing the course, I’ve started buying used products instead of new, begun topping up my garden bird bath and added an electric motor to my bike so I can use the car less. The course empowers people to change and in today’s world, that is a marvellous result.”

The free places are available thanks to £50,000 funding from the Co-op Foundation.

If you are involved in a community group in Wales, you can sign up for Nature Wise at:

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