Help Make Cardiff One Of UK’s Most Sustainable Food Cities

Food Cardiff Campaign

A new campaign hopes to set Cardiff on the path to becoming one of the UK’s most sustainable food places.

Food Cardiff, a city-wide partnership of more than 200 individuals and organisations – is asking people from all walks of life to ‘make a pledge’ to help Cardiff achieve Gold Sustainable Food Places status by the year 2024.

It is hoped that the simple and mindful act of making a pledge will empower Cardiffians to create a thriving local food economy, where everyone has access to better food.

A Sustainable Food Place

Last year, Cardiff was awarded Silver Sustainable Food Places status – becoming the first place in Wales (and one of only six places in the UK) to achieve the prestigious accolade. The nationwide scheme is based on bronze, silver and gold achievements across six key sustainable food issues. You can find out more here.

Now, a co-hort of independent businesses, cooperatives, third-sector organisations, and major institutions want to see Cardiff strive for the gold standard, and become one of the UK’s most sustainable food cities.

In support, they feature in a series of films which highlight some of the #GoodFoodCardiff pledges in action; the first looks at the benefit of shopping and eating with sustainability in mind. It features Steve Garrett, the founder of Cardiff’s award-winning Riverside Farmer’s Market. Founded more than 20 years ago, this has since grown to become one of the best known farmers’ markets in the UK. Popping up in Rhiwbina, Roath and Riverside on a weekly basis, the basic rule for all traders is that they must have grown, raised or made everything they sell themselves.

Another film examines the ways that good food can connect and strengthen communities. It features Alice Taherzadeh, one of the co-founders of Splo-Down, a member-run community food cooperative with the aim of making good, fresh food affordable to everyone. 

Further videos highlight other ways that people across the city can support fairer, more environmentally sustainable food – take a look at the @foodcardiff instagram channel for inspiration!

Make a plegde

The new Food Cardiff website is packed with information and resources to help people make their own pledges. Some examples of the kind of actions you can pledge to take include:

About Food Cardiff

The campaign to make Cardiff a more sustainable food city is being coordinated by Food Cardiff, the city’s rapidly growing food partnership. Food Cardiff’s Sustainable Food Places Coordinator Pearl Costello explained,

“Food Cardiff believes that the food we eat has a huge impact on life in Cardiff – not just on people’s health, but on communities and businesses, farmers and food producers, and the environment too. Good food creates strong, healthy, resilient communities which thrive. We are so excited to launch this campaign to give every single person – and organisation – in Cardiff a chance to make a pledge – or a few – and help Cardiff to become one of the most sustainable cities in the UK.”

Food Cardiff is part of Food Sense Wales, which aims to influence how food is produced and consumed in Wales, ensuring that sustainable food, farming and fisheries are at the heart of a fair, connected and prosperous food system. 

The Food Cardiff strategy board also includes ten volunteer members from a range of organisations including Cardiff Council, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, Riverside Farmers’ Markets, Public Health Wales, Action in Caerau and Ely as well as many others.

Through these networks, Food Cardiff is driving change at a city level and is working to tackle some of today’s biggest social, economic and environmental issues.


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