#TheExperienceMakers: More people wanted to work in Welsh hospitality

In response to nationwide staff shortages following the coronavirus pandemic, a new campaign will encourage more people to work in the tourism and hospitality industry in Wales. Thousands of jobs are currently up for grabs in the sector – which employs more than 157,000 people across bars, restaurants, pubs and hotels.

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Recipe: Freezer-Friendly Saag Aloo

Do you find bagged salad leaves are often thrown away in your house? This recipe, shared in the name of #FoodWasteActionWeek, uses handy blocks of frozen spinach (and some store cupboard favourites) to create one of my all-time veggie takeaway favourites; saag aloo. 

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Recipe: Smashed Frozen Peas & Feta on Toast

This recipe uses frozen peas, some store cupboard staples, and sprinkling of fresh mint & feta to make a deliciously sustainable alternative to avocado toast – and by stocking up on frozen foods like this, I know that changing my brunch plans at the last minute won’t lead to wasted food at home.

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To raise awareness of the importance of sustainably sourced seafood, the The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) has just launched an Ocean Cookbook for 2022.

It includes collaborations with chefs and fishers from 12 countries, and highlights that by looking out for the blue MSC ecolabel when we buy seafood, we can help to create truly sustainable seas. 

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