Recipe: Welsh Lamb cutlets with kale and roast potatoes

Waitrose asked me to share one of my favourite Autumn recipes. Regular followers of my blog would probably be expecting some kind of veggie chilli, but being from Wales, this seemed like a perfect opportunity to cook something lovely using some home-grown, organic Welsh lamb (in season until late Autumn). This recipe is super easy to cook, and the cinnamon and red wine flavours in the roast potatoes will make you feel seriously cosy.

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Recipe: Caramelised banana with candied walnuts & lemon sorbet

Chef Mark Hartstone shares one of his favourite dessert recipes for caremelised bananas with candied walnuts and lemon sorbet – and it’s suitable for vegans, too.

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Recipe: Spicy Vegan Puy Lentil Chilli

This recipe is great for a Meat Free Monday, but it’s a regular in my house any day of the week. The puy lentils in this are a good source of protein and very filling – but they also mimic the texture of meat mince which would normally be the staple of a good, hearty chilli.

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