10 sea creatures you’ll find on the Welsh coast

As a reminder of how important it is that we keep our own seas healthy and teeming with life, the WWF have compiled this list of ten surprising species living in our Welsh and UK waters – and exactly why they need our attention and support to keep them there.

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Review: Baking & Yoga with One Mile Bakery

Last weekend I had the most indulgent and festive of Saturdays. Usually, that sentence would indicate that I had spent the day stuffing my face with rich food and drink, and perhaps getting a bit (lot) drunk. Although that is definitely one of my favourite past-times, this particular Saturday was indulgent in a totally different way; I spent the whole day baking and practicing yoga!

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A visit to The WHF Big Cat Sanctuary, Kent

A visit to the Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent proves that in some cases, captivity can be kindest. Read on to find out about the important work that is being done by this amazing charity – and how it feels to come face to face at feeding time with one of their resident tigers.

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