If you’re looking for a great budget hotel in central London, I’ve found a real gem for you. It’s cheap, quirky, and well-located – but it’s the hotel’s green credentials which really set this forward-thinking business apart. View Post

River boat cruise in Borneo

What with moving house, changing jobs – and a lot more besides – all of which has happened in the last month, it feels like my little trip to Borneo (a thirtieth birthday present to myself) was more than a lifetime ago. In reality,  just a few short weeks have passed since I spent 7 days drinking in all of what this magical country has to offer! View Post


After flying thousands of miles for what seemed like days (OK, two 8 hour flights) I have made it to Borneo, and I’ll be staying here a week, until next Friday afternoon.

I’m so excited to be surrounded by lush green trees, noisy nocturnal animals, gloriously rich biodiversity – but also hyper-aware that Borneo is a country in the midst of an ecological crisis. It’s rainforest is being destroyed at an alarming rate for palm oil, and recently it was suggested that the island’s most famous inhabitant, the orangutan, could be extinct in the wild by 2020. View Post