Can you really cancel out the impact of flying with carbon offsetting?

By now, most of us know that we should be trying to fly less. Travelling by aeroplane accounts for 2% of total global greenhouse gas emissions, and those 39.4 million annual flights pump out toxic nitrogen oxide, cancer-causing exhaust particulates and carbon dioxide; the latter of which absorbs heat and re-emits it back to earth.  

But for most people – with beloved friends and family often spread across the globe – completely quitting on flying is unlikely to be an option. So what can we do to reduce the impact of our aviation travel?

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The UK ‘hotspots’ to visit when global warming *really* kicks in

Travelplanners have created a tongue-in-cheek checklist of doomsday destinations worth visiting after global warming has melted the ice caps and turned our forests to desert; here I’ve added a few of my own UK hot spots to the list.

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The green guide to eating, sleeping & shopping in London

From excellent vegan, vegetarian and organic restaurants; to sleek yet sustainable places to stay; there’s plenty of eco-friendly excitement to be had in the big smoke. Also, did you know that a whopping 47% of London is green space!?

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Review: London’s greenest budget hotel, QBic

If you’re looking for a great budget hotel in central London, I’ve found a real gem for you. It’s cheap, quirky, and well-located – but it’s the hotel’s green credentials which really set this forward-thinking business apart.

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