Can you really cancel out the impact of flying with carbon offsetting?

By now, most of us know that we should be trying to fly less. Travelling by aeroplane accounts for 2% of total global greenhouse gas emissions, and those 39.4 million annual flights pump out toxic nitrogen oxide, cancer-causing exhaust particulates and carbon dioxide; the latter of which absorbs heat and re-emits it back to earth.  

But for most people – with beloved friends and family often spread across the globe – completely quitting on flying is unlikely to be an option. So what can we do to reduce the impact of our aviation travel?

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Is it safe to visit Morocco? Thoughts from Marrakech

Morocco was long considered one of the most politically stable – and therefore safe – countries in Africa, but recent terrorist attacks around the world have damaged the tourism industry in Arab countries and left many feeling nervous. So is it really safe to visit Morocco in 2017?

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When Travel Gets Complicated: Love & War in Tel Aviv, Israel

It’s taken me a quite while to get around to this post. I have decided to split it in two, with part one explaining why it’s taken me so long to sit down and get this written up.

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