Christmas 2020

  • Why I’m choosing Welsh food & drink this Christmas

    Why I’m choosing Welsh food & drink this Christmas
  • Foodie gift vouchers are the perfect, 2020 low-impact Christmas gift

    Foodie gift vouchers are the perfect, 2020 low-impact Christmas gift


Whilst NHS staff across Wales face the Coronavirus crisis head on, in Cardiff a network of volunteers is ensuring that these key workers will be well fed throughout. In the latest episode of the #HankCardiff podcast we speak to two of the independent business owners who have been coordinating separate campaigns to raise funds and provide meals to front line staff in South Wales.

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Food Waste falls at Home during Coronavirus lockdown

A new WRAP study shows that householders have become more resourceful in managing their food during the Coronavirus lockdown – from using up cupboard stocks, to meal planning, freezing leftovers and batch-cooking. Meanwhile, in Cardiff, a new online food information hub details the ways that people can be part of a city-wide response to the crisis; whether that’s by supporting local food businesses, volunteering to feed the local community, reducing food waste or growing food at home.

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COVID-19 highlights our broken relationship with nature

Whilst our relationship with the natural world can play a huge part in cheering us up at this difficult time, the way we engage with the non-human world around us is exactly what got us into this mess. Our health and wellbeing as a species has always been dependent on how we treat the planet and everything which exists on it, but if this virus has taught us anything, it’s that for far too long we’ve been getting it seriously wrong.

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Hank! Episode 7: The Rise of the Cardiff Kitchen Takeover

Before COVID-19 put the breaks on us all, kitchen takeovers were becoming more popular than ever in Cardiff, with regular events taking place across the city. For the most recent episode of the Hank! Cardiff podcast, we caught up with two newcomers to the professional kitchen, and one of the city’s longest established nomad chefs.

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