Seasonal Eats

There are loads of good reasons to eat more local, seasonal food. It’s way more sustainable, as it reduces the energy needed in the growing and the carbon emissions needed in transport. It also supports UK producers – keeping money in our local economies and with local businesses; instead of lining the pockets of the big supermarkets. It can also be much cheaper; when certain produce is in abundance, the prices fall – so stock up, get batch cooking or fill the freezer while you can!

To help with this, every month, I write a guide to what’s in season now, and share some ideas for how best to enjoy it. To browse through each of the posts month by month, just click the links below.

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PYO fruit wales

Strawberry picking in summer 2021

To eat with the seasons, it can be helpful to sign up to a regular veg box delivery; I’ve compiled a list of locally available schemes here.

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