New Cardiff ‘Planet Card’ aims to make organic fruit & veg accessible to all

A new pilot programme has launched in Cardiff which aims to make healthy, planet-friendly food accessible and affordable for everyone – especially those facing low incomes and health inequalities.

‘The Planet Card’ will have a value of up to £11 per week – enabling holders to switch their normal weekly shop for fruit and vegetables to organically produced versions, without being left out of pocket. Shoppers will be able to use the card at a choice of stalls at any of the Cardiff Farmers Markets across the city.

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Seasonal April: What to Look Out for This Month

If you’ve been trying to eat more seasonal, local produce, then this is the blog series for you. What to look for, and how to cook it – a quick guide to the ingredients you could be using which have been grown closest to home. 

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Seasonal January: What to Eat this Month

If you’ve made it one of your new year resolutions to try and eat more seasonal, British produce – these monthly blog posts are for you; demystify ‘seasonal eating’ with some simple info on the fruit, veg, meat & fish in season now, along with some ideas for how to cook & eat it.

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I absolutely love December for food; who doesn’t? It’s an excuse to go all out on proper, hearty, home-comforts; and there are loads of good reasons to eat more locally & seasonally this festive season – and to ditch the supermarket in favour of your local farmer’s market.

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