10 Easy Life Hacks to Help You ‘Go Green’

Want to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle but haven’t a clue where to start? Or perhaps you’re put off by the thought of becoming vegan and giving up your car? It needn’t be that extreme. There are plenty of small changes that we could all make that would add up to a much bigger impact.

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The only way is ethics: Wahaca Mexican Restaurant, Cardiff

They’ve won a Compassion in World Farming award for sourcing from ‘enriched’ farms with greater respect for animal welfare, and been awarded ‘Sustainable Restaurant Group of the Year’ multiple times over. And now, their tasty tacos are here in Cardiff.

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Fishing for our supper in Picturesque Pembrokeshire

Every year, my boyfriends’ family head to the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast for a great British summer of cycling, sea swimming, water sports and (hopefully) sunshine. Last year, I decided it was time for me to cure my fear of the open water and join them, as I tried my hand at a spot of sea kayaking – and fishing!

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